A story about a company’s founding usually begins with the story about a man with a particular vision. In WinDoor’s case, it was two men. Both have great strength in product design and manufacturing while one also possesses a consummate knowledge of the demands of the fenestration market. What they shared most however, was the desire to manufacture a sliding glass door that would meet the demands of the new impact glazing codes. Their high standards for performance and aesthetic requirements led to the development of the Series 8000 Sliding Glass Door. WinDoor grew steadily from its founding and now with over 250 employees, occupy a new 310,000 square foot manufacturing facility.   The Delivery System: Experience working in the field gave us the insight to develop a better delivery system. We designed trucks that have a fork lift truck on the back. By using special racks that lock into the truck bed, we can deliver our product on racks directly to the job site or to our dealers’ warehouse. This saves time and insures safer handling.   WinDoor’s Field Quality Assurance Program: Manufacturing quality is field verified and the installation process certified. We take responsibility for training WinDoor certified installers and further, conducting field inspections of mid to high rise projects. This effort is designed to ensure that our dealers and their customers receive the quality products and performance they expect. Everyone wins, the product is installed by a certified dealer and the dealer has few if any call backs to the field. The ultimate customer, the end user, gets what they paid for, a hassle free experience and the best performing doors and windows in the industry. That’s value! For more information go to

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